Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thoughtfulness and Business = Bad Beer Day

Let’s go back in time... A guy comes into my office to get someone from my staff to work up a new logo for his client. We sat down and discussed the project along with other possible future projects. He was a veteran marketing guy with the full bag of cliches. He was fairly intelligent and thoughtful, and I could see that he was making mental notes about my way of speaking and items in my office.

While we were talking I was drinking a can of Budweiser (not a Czech one, the crappy American one). I was actually a little embarrassed that someone had seen me drinking a bad beer at the office. Back then I could still drink that stuff on occasion, but it isn’t enjoyable at all. In fact, I believe that I had decided while drinking that particular can that I would never drink a Bud again.

Well, I had another meeting with the guy about a week later and he walks in with a 12 pack of that garbage as a gift. So because I chose to drink that urine once (in a moment of weakness) I get stuck with 12 that I have to get rid of, and a bad beer bad reputation. I gave the 12 pack to the guy who gave me the single can.

Now, getting crappy beer as a gift is an insult on so many levels. What did it cost for that 12 pack? Maybe five bucks? I should have been drinking a Flemish reddish brown ale or something else that was difficult to find at the time. Oh well, the guy kinda creeped me out anyway, and my disinterest in his gift must have been apparent. But we finished the logo project, it was okay but not up to the quality I’m used to showing. How’s that for a trip down bad memories lane?

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