Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The tale of the hypothesist

Dr. Sloppynose P.H.D. stood at the threshold between pure science and wild fantasy. He was staring Schrodinger’s box right in the cat’s eye. As he ruminated on the ramifications of the possible implementation of his theorem like a 2,000 pound bull chewing the cud of destiny. Naturally, a tear, did, didn’t, and got busy with some party planning and so almost forgot to, come to his minds cat’s eye.

Tomorrow the world would be a very different place, but would it really be a better place? “For me it will be better, that will have to be good enough for everyone”, he thought. He was right, it was a better day for him. But then the next day was terrible. Then the previous day had never happened. Then he was married to duck. Then the earth was frozen solid. Then he never existed. Then the earth was a paradise. Then he was a girl. Then the whole world was a playground. Then he was retarded. Then the planet was just as it had always been. Then he was cells in a dish used to extend a kids leg 3 inches. Then the planet was even more like it had ever been. Then he was a Nobel Prize winning ox. Then the world was a zoo. Then he was himself in the 15th century B.C.E. Then he was happy, then sad, then happy again, then very sad, then he was happy and sad at the same time, then he was finally everything, then nothing, etc...

He had done it! The disposable, single use, time machine was the ultimate success failure.

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