Saturday, March 10, 2007

The School of Life (Part I)

School is supposed to prepare one for the “real world”. It is supposed to give us the life skills to ace our future careers. It is no secret that it only works that way for idiots. In case there are some idiots reading this, I’ll explain. First of all though, congratulations, you are a happy product of the school system!

If you are an idiot there is one easy way to tell, you don’t have the bitterness and resentment that comes from having your mind raped on a daily basis, rather, you feel an attachment to the institutions with which you were affiliated and a fondness for the students of their chaos.

I will take this time to mention that I don’t think that all schooling is bad, and not all teachers are bad. I have noticed however, that many people get into positions that they consider to be positions of authority because of the fact that they have virtually no self esteem. They have no self esteem in most cases for very sound reasons. I have no problem with the kindly sub-intellect that just likes kids and wants to help them in any way they can. And there is certainly a small group of these in public and private schools. Of course there are so few that there are many schools that don’t even get one. These may rarely teach you anything, but they are just about the only ones with a shot. But mostly they are just good for chilling out before the rest of the days mental trauma. I’ve never checked the numbers scientifically, but some schools possibly get quite a few and perhaps this is where some of the reasonably intelligent teachers come from.

I had a couple of teachers over the course of my government imposed sentence that I thought were probably fairly intelligent. One such person I could actually converse with on his own level as though we were really equals. When he would bring by little experiments for the kids, he would accept my wishes to abstain. With tests and quizzes, he would also respect my wishes (of course I would still get marked off points for not engaging in that part of school activities) but never would he mark points off for thoughtfulness, creativity or insight as most teachers would. I remember how sad he was when I told him I was quitting High School, as though he really believed that there was ever something for me in school. Now, perhaps if I could have gone to college right off the bat rather than kindergarten I could have taken it for 4 years. As it was I almost totally stopped taking homework home in third grade. I had totally given up on schooling on the first day of kindergarten, when I realized that it was just a place to enforce conformity and give tiny minded teachers a little ego boost, and of course to rape little minds. The only thing sadder than being a student is being a teacher who really believes it is a big deal to control a child. I tried to comply with their arbitrary standards, but they were so contrary to logic that I frequently bent my standards to the point of breaking and wasn’t even close to what they wanted. I felt totally compromised, and they thought that I hadn’t been paying attention. Idiots!

It was during this time that I fully realized that when you have no power the only way to control the power is to make sure the power has no control. That may sound like chaos to some, but it isn’t. I’m speaking of the power exerted by disinterest. Almost all of my childhood victories over ignorance were mostly due to my general disinterest in stupidity, and in part due to the school system beating me down so much that I didn’t care. I didn’t care about my future, my now, or even my past.

Since most teachers have the same exact disposition as rapists the rapist analogy is a solid foundation from which to build a platform of discussion. But on second thought, we’ll have to finish this later, after I’ve had more time to think through the analogy. I don’t want school teachers to think they’ve suddenly been promoted to rapist status.

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