Friday, March 9, 2007

Know thy you Be thy thee

What makes us self aware? Actually most people don’t have a clue who they are. So a better question might be, “what makes me know who I am?”

A good question, thanks for asking. I just know, that’s all. It’s like anything. Ask me how I come up with unique ideas. Go ahead.

The answer is, I think of them.

Now, I have to admit that I sometimes think of things after others have already thought of them, but when you have as many original ideas as I do it is inevitable that some may overlap with some original or unoriginal ideas of others. That’s why when I say something that fits into the category of observational humor, I generally let the people with whom I am communicating in on the fact that I may not have been the first one to say such a thing.

I also must admit that I conform the outworking of my thoughts to formats conducive to sensory comprehension. This is to say that a certain creative work may look, feel or sound like something familiar to you. The idea conveyed is still enough in tact to be appreciated, but on the verge of being destroyed by its own representation.

People always suggest or ask for a list of influences. A real person doesn’t need influences. I have no problem with people who have influences, but it can often damage their credibility. It is as though one is saying, “I do this, and here’s someone who did it much better a long time ago.” So, as for inspiration and influences, I already have myself, so I have no further need of influences.

As for my drawn and painted artwork, it isn’t about the artist, it is about an individual physical representation of a completely unique thought that has no physicality, tangibility or any possibility of finding words or objects that can accurately express it. The combination of everything is “good enough” to express the thought I want to convey. People always ask what a painting or drawing is “about”. My answer is the same, “It is about itself, a physical representation of a thought I had. If you try to assign words to it or concepts you are familiar with then you are getting further from having an understanding of the work.”

I’m not trying to say that all of my art is complicated. Much of my work is simple in concept and simple in execution. But I would still say that my work is far better than most other work throughout all history, because it is unlike anything else. Sure, it may look like things you have seen, but that’s called communication. I made it look like things you’ve seen because that is the only way for you to see it. If you see the image, then peel away all that it made you think of, remove every word association that popped into your mind, you’ll see a bit of what I was thinking.

Of course, sometimes I’m just drawing a silly looking dog or a cabbage made of razor blades. But I hope you can tell the difference without me having to explain it to you.

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