Friday, February 9, 2007

Home remedies...

If you are feeling under the weather right now, take heart. This blog describes a simple remedy that you can try. Drink a bottle of George T. Stagg. First of all it is really good, secondly its 142 proof, thirdly it is reasonably priced. It has been proven through clinical tests that it will kill the beast that lurks within. You see, many viruses hang out in the lungs. This is the virus hotspot. It is kinda like a virus night club where they can meet other strains of the same virus and “hookup” or mutate, as the kids like to say. If the music is right and the dancing is all night, they can sometimes propagate a strain so unique that it will re-infect a host that was by now immune to the original pranksters (microorganisms, you know who you are). Anyway, the strange thing about these little lung parties is that booze is a bit of a downer. You see, a virus feels less and less sexy the more it is soaked with alcohol. And what’s great about our bodies is that they fast-track alcohol. It zooms through our systems into the blood and throughout our bodies and is respired through our lungs. That’s how a blood alcohol test works, and that’s how virus parties get busted up. You don’t need to be a genius to see that its hard to party when you’re dead.

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