Friday, February 16, 2007

Business killers

I don’t have a problem with anyone making a buck. People buy, sell and trade goods and services. That in itself inflicts no harm. The problem I have is when the people doing this turn evil. Unfortunately that happens all too often. People will often think of drug dealers, murderers and rapists as evil, but rarely do they think of corporations as evil, sure, many think of Walmart as evil. But Walmart is an easy target because they are so big and evil. The government seems to think Microsoft is evil, Disney is most certainly evil. I’m not saying that everyone working in these places is evil, and even with evil there are degrees.

But I don’t want to support evil. So if I need to buy an axe from a murderer I will choose the local mom & pop murderer who has only killed one or two people, not the big name brand serial killer, because he seems more evil. If I need to buy some cellophane baggies from a drug dealer I will go to the local, small town drug dealer who has to keep a day job to stay financially solvent, not the Columbian guy with the Bentley. And if I need to buy duct tape from a rapist I will go to the “harasser” I read about in the our small town paper who is still trying to break in to the rape scene, not the well-known national news celebrity rapist.

I’m not saying I’ll never buy an axe from a serial killer, If he has the best prices on axes and the axes are good quality, then I will probably buy his axe. But where possible, I would like to bolster small business and the entrepreneurial spirit. A case in point is that I recently went to Walmart for the first time in several years because it was the only place within 50 miles that had a metal dog kennel. I tried all the local perverts, lowlifes and degenerates but none of them had a dog kennel for sale.
My point in all of this is that I’m not a snob. I will buy from the people who are raping and killing the world, but I prefer to give my money to the wannabe’s.

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