Thursday, February 8, 2007

Every blog is obvious nowadays....

Last night I saw an AARP commercial that had a Buzzcocks soundtrack. The song was "Everybody's Happy Nowadays". I was in shock for a split second. Then I realized, "that's right, the Buzzcocks are old." Well, I wasn't the only one to have this feeling. I looked around and there are many blogs and columns with similar observations. It is bizarre to think that such a perfectly placed tune would seem so anachronistic. Did the marketers really just stumble upon this idea, or is this really brilliant marketing to make old people who still think they are young panic and come to their "senses"? If that's what they are trying to do, I have to admit it is working on me. I've always felt old but I figured that meant I was going to die young. Well, here I am getting as old as I feel. Almost every somewhat astute, clever, witty or chuckle-worthy thing I wanted to write here was already written days ago by someone else. This makes me feel old and dumb. Thanks a lot AARP marketing people, I get it, people who were once young are now old. Life sucks, no future. I get it. I'm going to die now so leave me alone! Anyway, AARP marketing, if you had to use a Buzzcocks song, why couldn't it have been "Oh Shit"? At least then we could all have a little laugh and say, "Dude, sux to be old!"

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