Saturday, December 1, 2007

civilization does not exist (Part I)

slavery vs. employment

In this first installment I will perform a slapdash comparison of these two occupations and wow you with the outcome.

Employment: Being in the working world has its benefits. You can make a little money and thus attend to your daily needs and perhaps some of your desires as well. Of course, you’ll need to pay close attention to your pocketbook, or you can easily end up starving on the streets. You may even find a job you enjoy. But more often than not employees are subjected to abuse, ridicule and long hours. Often illegal treatment, including inappropriate pay and sexual harassment must be endured. If you work very hard you might get a partnership, stock in the company, or you may even be able to take that dream vacation or even buy your freedom. Of course, the positives that I just mentioned probably won’t happen for you, and the negatives are usually much worse.

Slavery: Being a slave has its benefits. You may be provided a modest stipend that will allow you to get some of the things that make life a bit more enjoyable, you have a roof over your head and you generally don’t need to worry about anything beyond your daily work, which is usually pretty strenuous. Your master may be understanding and kind, or he might be a dirty bastard who beats you whenever he’s in a foul mood. If you’re particularly attractive, you may be subjected to sexual harassment. If you work very hard you might one day be seen as a respected member of the family or even earn your freedom. Of course, this best case scenario rarely happens.

Now that you see the vast chasm between between employment (where you are used by someone else) and slavery (where you are owned by someone else), I’m sure you’ll want to keep your day job. You may want to get more than one job just to show everyone that you’re on the side of freedom!

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