Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Difference Between You and Me...

You like to think you like me because you like to think you’re like me. But I don’t really care that you think I think like you. You would talk to me all day and tell me it’s just like if I was talking to you. Do you love yourself so much that you can’t let me be anyone else? If we have anything in common, that’s barely anything at all.

You claim we’re the same in opposite ways, like near and far, east and west, up and down, black and white. Perhaps that’s true, but that makes our similarities uninteresting and our differences unknowable.

You say you know me better than I know myself, but how could the person who is my exact opposite know me so well? And if you tell me again, that our being so different is exactly why we're the same, then I’ll remind you that I would never say that I know anyone better than they know themselves, not even my own clone.

You didn’t know I had a clone? There are many things I could have explained to you if only you hadn’t insisted on explaining them to me. And now you’re wondering what else I would have said.

The only difference between you and me is me and you.

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