Monday, April 9, 2007

A trickle of consciousness...

My ear is bleeding the tonal inversions leading to the deafness of a lie that absorbs my heart-aches and engulfs my derided hanky of oblivions tuna sandwich tuner who trained the sparks that are packed thickly in my head that leads plenty to the forests of intrusion that pickle the minds of the undertouched by belief and thickness of substance and fear while fading into electric harmonious ranting inappropriateness of happenstance with torque envisionating with deeply intrusive lacerational inept intrepitude that divides the wordsmiths into sections of beaconed and undercooked debeakened lazy-mounded irrationals with tentforks glistening for implementational frequentalizing without realizing that the millionator is a non-denominator of sequence and substance sandwiched between the discussions entombed in the infrequently revoiced jugglings of the mind-monkey that plucks licks and rips the paperweights that adorn my heart strings of tender meat then tumble into an eternal framework of comic parlance.


copper stiletto said...

Wow. After reading it a few times, it actually makes perfect sense!

Ak-Man said...

OK, i don't get it.

I'll admit it for once in my life . . . wait . . . Ok, I don't get it.