Saturday, April 7, 2007

I wrote this for 8th grade english...

We were supposed to write an essay about the three biggest problems that our society faces and cap it off with a solution. I think our “teacher” was trying to get a Nobel Peace Prize without putting forth any effort. I knew that I was the only kid in my class with a shot at solving all the worlds problems by writing essays, so I needed to think carefully about my presentation. I only have the first draft which is very close to the final, but the teacher threw away the final draft (darn). Doesn’t matter though, neither was very good, which was the point. Anyway, I just found this and it saves me the trouble of thinking about and writing anything on the blog today. I made these few words cover two whole pages. Less words = less chance of a plagiarized Nobel Prize.

“Three Big Prob’s”

There are a number of problems facing America and its people today, among these are fakes, cheaters and skunks.

The first, fakes are a whole group of dopes and jerks. I have only one solution to this problem, to put them in jail for thirty days.

The second big problem is the cheater. The cheater likes to bet and only loses the low stakes. The solution to the cheater is to place all stakes low.

The third and last problem is the skunk. Skunks are very unclean and they stink most of the time. The solution to the skunks is a thick walled live trap that you can take the skunks to the snake pit in.

To conclude, we can see that these problems are not alike in the least. And the most sure answer to these problems is a nuclear war.

Epilogue: Needless to say my teacher never stole my idea and pawned it off as his own, also, he never won a Nobel Prize. And as you can see, the world has degenerated rather than improved. That’s what I call success!

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