Friday, August 3, 2007

Life and death in the high desert

Here are some photos I took of good and evil nature. Most of these photos are from my yard, a few are from nearby areas. Unjoy!

cholla flower

tiger swallowtails

dead horse in the galiuro foothills

angel and maudite

sandhill cranes

devil's claw seed pod

roadrunner babies

looking toward new mexico in the chiricahuas

maudite with a gopher snake

tarantula and k's hand

mojave rattlesnake in mesquite tree

dead mojave rattlesnake

soaptree yucca flower

bullet holes in sign on hiking trail

chiricahua monument

gravestone near fort bowie

pine trees in turkey creek chiricahua mountains

vulture eating a dead rattlesnake

tagged ornate box turtle

spongebob in a candy store in mexico

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