Thursday, May 31, 2007

A little more of the same, super whiny heros!

My brother was just ranting about the whiny and pathetic superheros that are on the big screen these days. He had many examples that are quite heart wrenching. He didn't pick too much on the whole Superman Returns movie, but even that was full of pathetic overtones. I don't feel like writing anything new for this blog right now, so this is what you get. A chunk of my response to my brother's blog.

One of the things that bugged me about Superman Returns was that he was voyeur, a peeping tom, a stalker. What was up with all that? You know that any dude (super or not) that spends his time spying on his ex-girlfriend (and her new guy) and sneaking into her sons bedroom has got serious issues. Sure, the kid turned out to be his son, but he didn’t have visitation rights as far as I could tell. Even so, my parents were never separated and they were just the next room over, yet my dad never climbed into my bedroom window at night, in fact he NEVER came into my bedroom at all, even through the door. My mom came into my bedroom at 3 or 4 in the morning sometimes but that was just to try to get me to eat hamburgers and blueberries. Sure, that’s bizarre and even a bit disturbing, but it wasn’t sleazy. Plus, my mother was not a super hero. Plus, she never, ever, ever climbed in or floated in through my window to offer me hamburgers and blueberries.

Back to the whininess though. This crybaby, whiny attitude is everywhere now. Remember when there were at least SOME musical groups in the public eye that weren’t crying all the time? Look at kids today, whiny, irritating, pathetic turds. They are trained from birth to be totally worthless. The government, the media, the entire entertainment industry and yes, even parents home in on all the self serving characteristics of children and use them to get what they need.

For the government, it needs mindless drones to use as cannon, grenade, or car bomb fodder. Just think how many crybabies join the military after getting dumped.

The media and the rest of the entertainment industry want money, and they will pander to whatever base inadequacy they see in the public to make it seem normal, so they can get money. In fact, it isn’t just normal to peep, it’s super! What self-respecting pervert wouldn’t pay 9 dollars for that type of validation?

As for the majority of parents, they are selfish, whiny rotten beasts too. I’m old enough now that I’ve seen some of these new mommies and daddies grow up, and I’ve seen how they were raised by their parents who were just about my age or a little older. It’s amazing to see how each generation degrades, it is so rapid, yet people generally choose not to see it.

And the saying, “Life imitates art” holds true even when that art is just marketing fluff burned onto a nickel DVD and put in a shiny box. If you buy into it, you are paying for the service, not the product, the product is you.

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