Thursday, September 4, 2008

The boy bounced freely from his roost atop the trike, striking the ground with gruff enthusiasm and a spankering of trust only to be thrust into a cold cruel trikeless world that knows no pity for for the ground and schooled class of glasslike leaches of desire and withering expectation of uniform atrocities that gleam like a dazzle-pinned reaper inside a triumphant catass trophy pawing at the sun when it knows full well the sun can take no more.

Leveraging a skyline tremor into a never rending level-headed louse-drive that parks in my braids suffocating the follicles that followed their folly fully into it's flatulent fruition - a park-and-ride suicide with rancid metrokane suffrage that tapes name-droppings to a whole new levelich can't easily be reached or refrigerated without vagrant variants being obtusely jolted from their neo-naptime kinder-gestapo milk-marches.

Emblematically emblazoned with lilly-white embalmatorium overtones undermining the lynchpin leprechaun taunting the rainbow headaches of my nimble uplifted leatherette soul.

Achey echoes arc in twisted piney wedg-shuttled lampstick artichoke leprosy two-fold twisted like bacon in my engendered handcuffing overstuffers.

Wind out tenderly for an intersplendant reafforming of glitteronomous fredglings that gather like lake moss and leaf frost in your intensely wicked grandpa beard of one-thousand-and-.5 lunches diseased by winter tragedies that criss-cross and slowly envelope and predestine our very shells of egg-sub-zestiness inversely like a mother-in-law with doorlike napkin-feelers stationed near the necks of louder dogs.

Michigan whisps like a tenderized beaten meatless elbow that brings up endless barfs of summer.